22 March 2004

and india responds brilliantly.i think this is a team to watch out for.they should stop faltering at crucial points.the world cup was almost ours !!
anyway good luck to boys in blue for the final match
and one thing that irritated me during the match was rameez raja's commentary.
his exact words "indians can learn a thing or two about cover drives from yaseer hameed" what nonsense is this ? that chap hameed is just a few matches old.i think rameez better watch out.whenever you comment you should be impartial.
what about laxman,ganguly,shewag,dravid ? note that i am not bringing sachin here becuase he is beyond comparison.to bring him here is an insult to him
hey you rameez better shut up if you dont know how to comment ok.
man i felt like taking the next flight to lahore and trashing his daylights.
then had a major fight with an auto man.supposedly autos in bagalore are better than in madras.( that feeling is slowly evaporating.. ) that idiot's meter was wrong and man does he have a major temper.finally after much haggling i dismissed him off with a basic fare of 10rs.
ok.must get back to work now.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:01 PM


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