30 March 2004

how does one look/feel if one has slept for only 5 hours in a total of 48 hours ? well i know.i am in that state right now and no signs of sleep are there anywhere near me ! :-( :-( .man its not that the course is tough or something it is just that i always seem to be out of time !! well you cannot tell that as bad time management !!
anyway today i heard asong from kadhal virus scored by rahman.
the song is called paal nilaa .a brilliant use of sax.no wonder rahman is a genius in these kind of fusion music.and audio of "new" movie has been released.my brother tells me rahman has mashed out an old song.got to check it out.
ok without much ado i sign out now.got more pressing things on hand !!

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:59 PM


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