15 April 2004

grr second time i have been forced to change the title of my blog.so now the title is gajabhuja funda !! let me see how far i get with this title !!
then back from madras.yes no doubt that place is hot but i somehow dont feel any body heat there.bangalore kills me when it is hot.too much internal heat !! brother balaji struck early to get a wicket !!
kudos to dravid.he has aain proved that he is the real hero of india in test cricket !
then an embarassing situation developed in my return journey by train.i was sleeping like a log when the train pulled into bangalore railway station.if not for my alert fellow passengers i would have ended up at the parking shed !! thank you guys !
this is after sleeping through the journey in the train and also in the bus from my house to railway station !
what is happening to me ? must have a good look again at my sleeping problems !
so right now i am in a dillema.should i get back to office beggining august 1st or take another semester off ? let me see what happens .

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:12 PM


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