11 April 2004

ooh ! the past few days were really hectic.seeing off my brother to germany eating out with my colleagues after a real loooong time !! checked out miller's46.good place and nice on pocket for steaks ! had a great indian steak.unfortunately not all that spicy to really tingle my taste buds !
then a brilliant article on leander paes in hindu.
read it here : http://www.hindu.com/2004/04/11/stories/2004041100722100.htm
frankly speaking if you ask me my greatest sportsperson are vishy anand and leander.
i mean look at leander.he has snared almost all the big names in davis cup and still has no good ranking.davis cup is playing more for the country's pride rather than the money involved in big tennis matches and he is really doing very well !!
and vishy anand for the simple reason that he has proved that you can make big money by playing chess ! at a time when no indian dared to do it he did it !! so come on guys you are my real heros !
then trouble is brewing for DMK in tamilnadu.rajinikanth a straight votebank of 1.5 crores and another indirect 1 crore votes has decided to support BJP.well he claims that the real reson is becuase they promised in their manifesto that they will interlink rivers.well does not rajini know better than anybody else that manifestos are nothing but pure joke ?? i am not against rajini supporting any party but for god's sake let him give a clear reson or else let him not give any reason at all !!
he is proving yet again that he is an arasiyla thatthukutti !!!
then for the past three days i have not done any work for my assignments or for my exams !! so sad.better buck up and get back to work !!!!

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