06 April 2004

have you listened to the song "thavikkudhu" from the movie nadhiya thedi vandha kadal ( the sea which came in search of the river ? ) supposedly the last movie of amma jayalalitha the chief minister of my homeland tamilnadu.
ok its a differeent issue that i havenothing except admiration for her guts simply becuase she stood up in a male dominated dravidian political world.
ok coming back to the song a brillinat guitar piece by (who else ?)illayaraja stands out ! supposedly when raja was a struggling musician he used to go over to thyagaraja college of engineering along with a friend ( who is also known as jayachandran that golden voiced guy !) and play out some of their compositions for the students ! man that must have bee heaven.
well what i am amazed at is that with my soooo very limited knowledge knowledge of carntic music i am able to appreciate his music how would it have been for the connoiseurs of carnatic music ?
raja is indeed raja !!
another brilliant song is "vaan nila" from the movie kadhal virus.rahman simply freaks out using the saxaphone.probably a brilliant combination of jazz and carnatic.
if raja was pure carnatic rahman is fusion carnatic.
which is why i claim again tamil songs are miles and miles ahead of that mindless trash called hindi film music.
of course the music of the olden days the golden hindi music was brilliant .but rahman and raja have simply changed all that !!

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