17 May 2004

too many things happened this weekend.met up with my schoolmates after 10 years ! man nice to know that most of us are doing well in whatever we have chosen to do !
then saw a movie called perazhagan in a theater called sri balaji.i must say the most underrated theater.brilliant seats,pertty decent a/c and still decent crowd.from now on unless absolutely necessary i vow never to go to symphony,rex and plaza theaters.as is the case with everything else in bangalore they are hype and nothing else.
started gymming and guitar from today after a long time ! there is a small boil on my finger coz of guitar strumming but that will pass !
sonia looks set to become PM.my blood boils.
read some good articles on why sonia should not become pm here and here. since i always analyse things from both ends here is a case as to why sonia should become PM.

markets are crashing left right and center.someone sould stop the left parties the commi ba****ds from talking.they are trying to push india back to stone age.
true under NDA the common man didnt prosper much but then we should also not push ourselves back.
hope things work out well

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:50 PM


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