13 May 2004

ah ! the power of unity is once again proved.
aiadmk's vote share increased.(see it here) but the party did not even send a single MP to the lok sabha.all the opposition parties were united and this ultimately lead to its defeat !
shame on the electorate of andhra and tamilnadu and uttar pradesh.how can you allow local issues to dominate the national issue ? if not for anything how the hell can you swallow pride and allow a nobody & a foreigner to become prime minister ?
you may not have water,electricity whatever.but you should never ever allow some stupid female to become the prime minister.
hope the new govt carries forward the reforms.but with the communists idiots what can we say ?
there has been a direct reflection of whatever has been happening here in andhra and karnataka at the national level.what went wrong with the NDA ?
being educated person i prefer to analyze it like this.
1. NDA should not have advanced the elections.coincidence all the places where the election were advanced the ruling parties lost.that was becuase the advancement of lections gave the opposition parties to group ! evidence : look at TN.just becuase MK had time he managed to cobble up an alliance ! he even swalloed pride and gave some seats to the other parties in the alliance.
moral number 1 : just becuase you are in power does not mean that you can advance elections and win it !
2. what was the fate of the common man ? was it the same as it were in the other states ? i mean was it the same as it was in Karnataka and Andhra ? if yes then the NDA has not done well.but we know for sure from the assembly elections in rajasthan,MP that things were going well for BJP.so the final verdict: the lack of effective tackling of regional issues down south has proved to be BJP's loosing point.

well since hope is a good thing and like all good things it refuses to die i hope that the pace of the reforms continues.
but my heart bleeds when i see an outsider a person who was forced to take indian citizenship rule me.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:44 PM


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