26 May 2004

trivandrum trip was good.chatted a lot.shall upload some pics sometime later to my homepage.saw the padmanabaswamy(reclining vishu) temple.there was also a mandapam inside the temple.there was some real accoustic marvel there.the mandapam had pillars at each of the four corners.each of the pillars had seven smaller pillars.each corresponding to the seven swaras.
then dmk is haggling over allocation of portfolios.that is bad.this kind of bargaining is not good.mk himself said once that he is against dynasty politics and he is now promoting it.
politics makes trange bedfellows.
then checked out mani rathnam's ayudha ezhuthu.frankly speaking i am dispaoointed.the screenplay sags a little bit.however i think the film might be a hit.
ok more later

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