24 June 2004

an intresting thing happened a few days ago.i was walking on the road along with my friend.we were talking about an intersting incident that happened in his company.there was a female colleague of his who has dressed up in an ethnic dress.a foreign colleague of hers complemented her and she was very happy and blushed it away.when his indian colleague complemented her it seems she passed a comment to another friend of hers saying she felt very irritated.
now that set me thinking.why is it that indian females feel happy when a firang complements them but not when an indian does ? i agree many indian males do not posses that appreciating sense but this i felt was carrying things too far.sad.hope ppl of both sexes change! then my life is undergoing a turmoil.shuttling between office and research does take away a lot of your time ! till i get some more time to write more detailed blogs..

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:28 PM


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