15 June 2004

cool ! i managed to get myself listed in indian bloggers list.now shall give links and hope others will also link me.now why would someone do that ? i dont write any high sounding stuff.i just rant about things which i dont like.so hard to think that someone would like to link my blog but who knows ? internet is a crazy world.then if you are wondering why i am off and on blogging well i am kind of stuck between trying to do something called research and trying to justify my employers as to why i should still be employed.so well that is life i guess.heard that day after tomorrow movie has some gfr8 sfx.well whatever said shall take it with a pinch of salt. emmerich the director has a penchant for making jingoistic movies.!
ok.shall sign off now.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:26 AM


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