22 July 2004

phew ! back to blog after a week.its totally unacceptable.quite a few things have happened over the past week.
1. i was in madras attending the june rock out concert.nice to see such good things happening in my hometown.it just increases the yearning i have to go back and settle down there.
2. the karnataka budget was presented.for all the things there is no more mention of the falsely-glamourised word IT.good.when a agrarian economy like karnataka's is ravaged by drought they better concentrate on that instead of focussing on the IT bullshit.now when i am a s.w engg why should i rant like this ? ok more on this in my next post.
3. i sucessfully installed solaris9 for x86 inside vmware.the graphics is a bit shitty though but the true geek/nerd that i am i shall rectify this.
in another week from now i get back to the usual grind of being a s/w engg and trying to do some research.
somebody please save me :-(

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:29 AM


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