02 July 2004

My fav team greece upset chezhs after knocking down france . What are the lessons to learn from this victory that we can use in our everyday life ?
1. Play as a team.You may have some brilliant players but they all need to gel and make a good team.So learn to play as a team
2. Know your limitations.As i have been saying so many times before you must know your limitations.Greece knew that they dont have any sort of attacking capabilities hence they just defended and took one or two chances that they got and scored when it mattered the
most !
3. Most importantly there is no need to add glamour to whatever you do.The KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) policy will work always. People now crib that the greece didnt attack and their game does not have any flair. Whatever said the end result is : They WON.That is what matters. Whereever you are the end result is what matters and not the means to achieve the result.

Having said all that actually i expceted the chezs to make mincemeat of the greeks. As one fello wviewer put it 90 mins of a practise match ! It was anything but that.Good show greece.Hope you get to win the cup.

Now why am i supporting all kinds of underdogs ? I dont know ! I want unseeded Ancic to trash Andy roddick ! let us hope that happens too.
Then i am doing house hunting.My goodness houses cost the heaven in koramangala ! I prefer to stay there as it is a kind of midpoint from my office locations.
Well i guess more comes later !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:37 PM


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