07 July 2004

oh yeah ! greece won the euro.to be frank i predicted this when greece came back from behind to draw level against spain ! so greece has beaten portugal twice.once when it mattered the most and once in the league stages !
and someone asked me how i lived in madras.what a stupid question.its like asking someone how did you manage to live in your mother's womb.what a shit question.
madras, to put simply, is in my blood ! period.hot or whatever i love that place.
and of late i keep getting distracted from my research activities.that is not good ! hope i get back to finding my moorings !!
and ya i need to give links to my other blogger friends and the indian bloggers list too.procrastination.
and to think of i was a gym freak and now i have bunked gym for the past 2 days.i guess the anxiety and tension of getting back to my job and getting a gud hike once i join back is telling on me ! gotta do something about this !

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