14 July 2004

oh my dear blog;
sorry i was away from you for a week.you see i had too many pressing matters on hand ! i had to attend a bachelors party of a very gud friend of mine gorge myself to death there and then there were simply too many things to take care of.so sorry.
ok now that i have apologized to my blog let me start off on something which i wanted to write about.i checked out a movie called relic.now that believe me ladies and gentleman is a very intresting movie on genetic mutation and other boilogical or shall i say biotechnological issue.now why am i getting intrested in biology per se ? u see in the corner of my mind/heart biology has always had a soft spot.a doctor's profession according to me is the most challenging one.everyday he gets to see different symptoms and that in my opinion is enough to give you the kicks.money ? well who can rival a doctor's tax free earnings ? ok so i took biology and i was also an aspiring doc to be but destiny willed otherwise ( ok i dont belive that you are what you want to be and more of that in some other post ).so here i am fighting it out with compilers and performance issues and other such details.
ok ok.now someday i hope i really hope that i would be able to do a phd that has some inclination towards biology.so let me hope that it does not remain a hope and gets translated into reality.
till then i hope to pen down some random ramblings like the above everyday

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