24 July 2004

circa 2001.Me and my group of friends are sitting in a restruant having dinner.During some talk i casually drop in a remark "There is a limit to unplanned growth.Someday the software companies will start moving out.I give it a time limit of maximum 5 years".The rest of the gang pass some sniggers and some totally refuse to believe it saying bangalore is the "city of the future".These thoughts obviously fueled by Radio city,a useless and worthless radio station, and times of india, a 16-ply toilet paper which calls itself a newspaper.
Today : July 24th 2004.The first of the movers start.Azim Premji after cribbing about the worthless and useless infrastructure decides to concentrate more on centers outside bangalore.Read all about it here.. Ok now that he has got the message when are the other companies going to get it ?
The reasons for this sudden move ? Well that will come in my next post.
And TCS is launching its IPO.I think i should try to get my hands on some of it.Let me see.
The big match is coming up and quite contrary to what the indian team is coach is giving out statements to media.not good at all.Hope they dont make a mess out of the match

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