30 July 2004

the big final is on sunday after india managed to squeak thru ! hope they learnt the lesson and be a bit more concentrated for the final.surprisingly after a long time i found the indian team on low spirits.cheep up team india.v r with u !
i did get my prkut membership thanks to raghav.thanks macchi.i shall remember u for a looong time 2 come !
then checked out neel restruant for dinner.man that place is definitely a bit pricey.a dinner for 3 including 2 starters and 2 side dishes and some rotis came to 300 per head.not recommended for those who are a bit watchful of their wallets.but a decent place though !
me gets back to full time job on monday.am i excited ? yes a li'l bit.
happy friendship to all you readers though i dont believe in these kind of days.my homepage count is now 2000 in around 1.5yrs .not bad i guess !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 5:27 PM


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