30 August 2004

give me more

well give me more is all i can say after a weekend @ madras.strangely the more i have lived away from it the more i long for it !! checked out some finance options for my two wheeler.ok folks i have made up my mind to get a CBZ*. somehow i cant just get enough of that stylish bike !
it costs me a cool 60+K :-(
did not go to any movies this time but im getting a pc for my house in madras.so now on shall complete my quota of movie whenever i go home :-)
a cool config for a throwaway price.thanks to my sis who's with HCL.oh ya she is a a hotshot there.so can manage to pull up the strings !
well what else ? amidst totally random thoughts swirling around me i quit now to be back for more

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:46 PM


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