09 September 2004

as an update to my pervious post ALL THE CALCUTTA FLYOVERS WERE BUILT IN THE PAST THREE YEARS. do u hear it u irresponsible corporators and other worthless scum of bangalore ? taking 3 years just to plant a few pillars and 5 years to construct a flyover !
and one of the flyovers in cal is 2.5km long and was built in just one year.
ok so here is the answer to these things.u need to use your brains not just award the contract to whomsover bids the least. 3 of the important flyovers are being built by up state bridge corporation.now i am not against them or whatsoever but simply put no one in india has that kind of expertise that L&T has.so period.they should have given the contract to L&T.
anyway im off to madras today ! got some hectic work all lined up already.home pc is bombing it seems so have to check that stuff.anyway let me see how things go !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 6:20 PM


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