29 September 2004

quo vadis the hindu ?

there was an intresting news item yesterday that the minister f highways balu has granted that a super structure ( elevated road ) would be build to facilitate better access to electronic city in bangalore.
the newspapers obviously generated enough hype about it to make it a big event.
cut to today the newspapers ( indian express ) has expressed reservations by noted construction engineers that the plan was announced before doing any kind of feasibiltiy study and it needs to be studied better before such a road can become a reality.
also the meployees of the electronics city themselves have expressed doubts saying that in the absence of alternate roads such a plan would do nothing to improve the state of affairs
what does the THE HINDU say ? it says that it is a crowning achievement of the new govt ! my goodness.sycophancy has a limit hindu.i have just compelted and shot off a mail to the editor and obviously it will not get published.
i am yet to see a letter to editor being published in hindu newspaper which critises it news items.
but what a fall have you had ! for a newspaper that was once called "mount road mahavishnu" it has now fallen to such cheap heights !

that apart i still view the idea with sceptisim.if electronics city is to get such a facelift why not ITPL ? the HAL bridge at marathahalli that one has to cross to reach ITPL is so narrow that god forbid what would happen if a breakdown happens on that bridge !
trust me when i say this.three more years is what bangalore can withstand.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:12 AM


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