17 December 2004

goodbye radiocity!

if ur in bangalore and a tamilian sick and tired of listening to the hindi thinippu { hindi thrusting } called radio city relax.my roommate { thanks to him ! } has managed to get tirunelveli station on the Medium wave band ! after some fiddling around i manged to get in two more stations trichy and coiambatore { i guess } so you can now have uninterrupted listening to radio.
this certainly brings back some real nostalgic memories.back in those days when i was in school and doordarshan was the only channel available on telvision, we even used to keep track of time thru radio and also listen to radio quite frequently ! so many songs ! anyway so seems like i will be listening to songs like those for some more time !!
weekend is here and got some real important things to do !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:15 AM


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