24 December 2004

well it's christmas weekend and the city looks so empty ! anyway good for me that i managedto get buses easily and that too empty ones.gave my radio system for servicing.
ceylon radio station is back on air folks.so if you are craving for latest and good tamil music tune into it on the medium wave.oh yes you can listen to it in bangalore.if you are in madras you have mirchi and suriyan fm stations to pep you up but nothing of that type in bangalore except hindi thinippu { thrusting! }
my sister and nephew are here with me over the weekend.promises to be loads of fun !
and read this article !
merry xmas to you all guys/gals out there !
and ya over the next week a revamped blog is on the cards with some blogrolling !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:58 AM


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