20 June 2005

Somethig's Wrong Here!

As This article shows no developement must be done at the cost of the local inhabitants.As history shows, the british were so very sucessful in conquering any land because they made the locals of the land a part of it.
What is happening here in bangalore is that a peaceful and content local population is being shaken from its roots to make way for the hype and hoopla called IT&BT. I sincerely hope that the farmers win this case.I would not mind helping them out spreading the awareness of their plight.
It is so very strange that when you get thousands of forwarded hoax mails a day saying that blood group, small cell lung disease etc etc no one has even tried to highlight this plight.
I think its time, i tried to help them out
May the force be with the farmers.Fight people Fight.India is still an agrarian economy and we need you people !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 2:32 PM


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