23 August 2005

Necessary Evil ?

Scene 1 : A fisherman in kerala goes out to catch fish for his daily bread. He rakes in a catch but by the time he comes to the shore his boat is empty, he has sold all the day's catch to the local hotel, who come in with their air-conditioned van.He goes home a contended man.

Scene 2 : A local trader in assam who trades in all kinds of commodities goes from shop to shop muttering something in his breath and taking inventory of what the shop needs.In the next hour or so, the shops have their goods filled up

Scene 3 : An anxious parent who used to wait for the arrival of his/her child a few years ago now relaxes back and says the child will be home at that precise time.

Ok notice a commonality between these scenes ? It is the ubiquitous mobile phone ! Ten years ago this day the mobile phone came into india.What was seen as a luxury item, has now exploded into a must have item.It is no more a luxury, but a necessity.
Along with it, came the spam marketers etc etc, but the basic need of a mobile phone still remains !
In a sense 1995 was a watershed year for india.The introduction of internet, mobile phones, and so many other crucial and important things.
Agreed the mobile penetration is not as much as what you may expect in other countries, but the fact remains that indian market is no pushover !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:51 AM


  1. Blogger Smyta posted at Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 10:57:00 AM GMT+5:30  
    Nothing is more necessary than the unnecesary:-)
    From the movie-Life is beautiful

    Here in UK atleast, only the younger generation seem to be thinking they are upgrading themselves with every new cell phone upgrade they get. The middle aged and the old do not still use a cell phone and I am amazed as to how they go about their daily lives in a beautiful and precise manner-as good as we youngsters with a cell phone:p

    But I agree wholeheartedly I cant do without a cellphone.Not anymore:-)

    Love etc.,

  2. Blogger ada-paavi!!!! posted at Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 3:21:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    cell phones do make a difference to ppls lives, makes trade easier,

    but the drawback is its oligopolistic market structure, where there are only few players, they can easily rig the price,and rip the consumer and none of them are seriously looking at the rural areas, where there is lot of money, they want the cream of the market.

    the cell phone has become a necessity, and sometimes become a burden (like in my case, serious financial burden!)
  3. Blogger K.Shyam posted at Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 9:53:00 AM GMT+5:30  
    smyta : "But I agree wholeheartedly I cant do without a cellphone.Not anymore:-)" :)) :)) :))

    vatsan : macchi forgot what oligopoly means da.i think way back 9th standard economics :-) but crib about rural areas remain solved i think.airtel is planning something like mobile cellphones for each village.this means that there would be a mobile on a cycle and this guy would cover say one or two villages at specific timings.i forgot more about this scheme though.someone is finally making a move into that market i guess

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