30 December 2005

Classical King

Check out This well written article about how Raja handled carnatic ragams in film music ! A pretty loooong article so read it in leisure, but do read it to understand how Raja is/was/will always be miles and eons ahead of anyone who calls himself a composer of music for films ! { This includes that remotely-resembling-music alias trash churned out by a-bunch-of-jokers alias musicians up north ! }. NO i will not accept that R.D.Burman was an exception. It is just that he came up with foot tapping numbers but nowhere close to what raja did. If you were a carnatic purist, you will be amazed at the choice and manipulation of the ragam. If you were a layman you will be left with a foot tapping number!
In case you are not satisfied, check out the song "Sorgamea Endralum" here.
This song is set is hamsanadhi, and it yet a brilliant number that was a massive hit with folks who didn't know what carnatic was !!

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