09 April 2006


Podcasting from a user perspective is what was being dealt with by Sujatha. What is cool is that this was a live talk from skype. Man chennai is tech savy or what ! Live conversations from around the world !! The bandwidth could have been better, but well :-(. And there was a cool piece of statistic that said that about 100 iPod's are sold every minute (for the last quarter of 2005)! Narrowcasting, Time-shifting, Portability and Personal Publishing make up the four pillars of Podcasting. As she says, podcasting makes it easy for anyone with an opinion to make it heard, reviewed and commented upon !! And finally some fundas (gajabhuja? ;-)) on how to create decent podcasts and stuff. Aswin one of those student geeks is coming up next. He does seem to be a pretty techie guy! Let's see what he is talking about on !! E-mail on mobiles aggregated from different e-mail services.

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