01 May 2006

on why it makes sense to vote for amma - 2

In My Previous Post i had requested readers who had travelled down south of TamilNadu or who do not live in madras to send across what they perceived as the positives and negatives of amma's rule over the past five years. I received quite a few mails regarding that and with the permission of one of the sender i am here reproducing the exact e-mail.

Dear Mr.Shyam
My name is Sentamizhan. I come from a village near cudalore. I am working in a government of TamilNadu organization. I do not know good english so please forgive me if i make any mistakes. I cannot tell the exact name of my village or my job or any other details as i may loose my job. So i will just say that i come from a village near cudalore and i am working in chennai.
I have been working here for almost ten years. I got job under MK rule in 1997. I have seen lot of difference in my work place itself. I was dismissed from service and then allowed to join back when amma dismissed many of us. I think that she handled the strike well. We were all angry that she goes in helicopter to many places but does not give us more DA. Now we are all happy. We got our jobs back and got DA also.
I think amma takes very quick decisions. I have seen that files will not move quickly under MK rule. Probably he is afraid that people may say he is corrupt. In present days i think taking money is very very normal. But taking money and not doing the work is bad which MK was doing during his rule. In my department i saw lot of people in previous rule who paid money but did not get the job done. In current rule when you pay money your work will happen in 5 days but you dont pay money it will take one month. But i dont want to take money. It is bad. If i buy food with that money i cant eat it and live.
I will now tell about my village. My village always gets lots of rains during september october period. But every year no body comes and does anything. This time when tsunami came every thing happened so fast and so nicely. I lost a relative in tsunami. His family got money from collector within one month. All his children got free education and they are now getting cycles to go to school and also school boooks. I will try to make them computer engineer. MK has promised us colour tv if we vote for him. I think education is better than colour tv.
Also we lost our crop. Amma said we need not pay back to bank whatever loans we took. But we will still try to pay back. Tomorrow if we need money then the bank may not give us.
When the big rain came this year there was no big problem. We lost crop once again but We got lot of help from government.
I think amma is giving rice this time. That is very good. In my village there are lot of people who are very very poor. This will help them. But i think amma must do something so that the ration shop fellows do not cheat us when they give rice. I have already given 5 petitions to amma but nothing happened. I think i will give petition once again after election. I am lucky i got government job. In my village many people are not lucky. They dont have any job. I tell them it is better to be a farmer but they are not hearing to me.
Another thing is self help group. Lots of ladies in my village are now earning money by doing small small activities among themselves. This makes them feel that even they can earn money. They become confident. amma only started this self help group. I think all ladies in my village will vote for amma for this alone.
I live in MK area in chennai. We have a water tank in front of the house but i have never seen water in it. amma got water from veeranam and now i see water in that tank.
Also in my area there is always fight between dalit and others. Now after amma came we dont see any fighting. there is no law and order problem. my village and many other village also got tar roads.
i think amma needs to improve on some more areas. but overall she is ok. i will try to tell my other friends also to vote for her only

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:25 PM


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