16 October 2006

Power of a Gumbal ?

Desipundit for long used to point to those articles that came up in the Indian Blogosphere.
PutVote is rather a new site that too tries to highlight the interesting articles that appear in the Indian Blogosphere.
Not quite. Actually while Desipundit is driven by a few people, (I am in no way qualified to say whether they are good or bad, or whether the posts they highlight deserve to be done) PutVote is driven by anyone and everyone.
Which is why i don't think PutVote would close down like Desipundit is doing now. In fact, if things go very well with PutVote (I mean here quite a large number of users and more articles, which i am sure is bound to happen), it could very well be one of India's "community based internet's (the likes of Digg)" success stories !
Therein is where i believe, lies the power of a Gumbal (tamil word to denote a group.) ;-)

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 2:03 PM


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