14 November 2006

Snakes on a Plane - Review

Okay so i did say i have loads of time these days right ? And hence time to catch up on some more movies and bore ye readers with reviews.
"Snakes on a Plane" is one of those movies you watch when you have time on your hands. Loads of SFX, deep throated frightened cries and unintended humor (possibly intended too, watch where the snakes bite the people), make this a complete pop-corn movie.
It opens with a guy witnessing a murder of a prosecutor by a gang and the gang leader's attempts to kill him.
Samuel Jackson has long been one of my "cool" actors solely on the roles he did in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. In fact, i can't even imagine any other actor doing the role he did in Pulp Fiction. Anyway, he plays the cop in this movie, assigned to get the witness to court and testify against the gang leader.
The gang leader puts a cargo box full of snakes in the plane and when the box explodes, it is mayhem from then on.
Snakes from the cockpit, Snakes in the toilet, Snakes in the Handbag, you name it there are Snakes everywhere. There is also an Anaconda (or was it a cobra) which swallows a man !
While it can largely be debated as to whether the technique they use for eliminating the snakes work in practice or not, heck this is after all a movie. Remove your brains and watch the fun.
Finally there is also a subtle advertisement for PlayStation (Listen to the dialogs in the closing few scenes!).
Overall avoidable. But then again, if you are totally jobless and want to kill time (like i wanted to), you can have some 90 minutes of fun.
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