04 March 2007

California - Random Observations

The flight from Houston to Los angeles was delayed by one hour. Reason : Late running of the incoming flight ! Hence, it is not that we have these kind of problems only in India; they are there everywhere !!

Lots of desi's all round ! NICE ;-)

Lunch buffet in Annapurna rocks. 10$ and the cashewnut cake was awesome.

The LA Marathon build up looks good (Sometimes too much. I got five mails last week asking me if i wanted a personalized dvd for myself ;-)). Lots of stalls and stuff advertising anything and everything related to marathon.

A decent finish in marathon looks promising, and at the same time, difficult. One minute it is hot and the next minute a cool breeze comes over !

So, more updates after i finish. (Of course, i will finish. Just that the time needs to be improved upon!)


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