28 March 2007


I tried out jajah today. So, what is jajah ? Well, it is web activated telephony.

You head over to jajah and get yourself an account. Initially, you get one dollar to try out their service. I just spoke to my parents and it was pretty smooth ! No hassles and it was easy.

You need to provide an phone number when you sign up. After you sign up, when you want to place a call to someone, you provide the caller's phone number and your phone number to the website, and click on call. Your phone rings, you pick up and start talking. It is that easy !

So, why is this convenient ? When you want to call people who do not have an internet connection, this definitely makes life easier !

The call rates are pretty cheap though. I would like to see how it compares to skype. The only issue I see with skype is that you need to have a PC to make calls. More often than not, people who use their computers from work would not be able to use skype. So, even if you need to spend a few more cents, jajah would make things a bit easier.

And finally, If you want to place calls between jajah users in United States, it is free. I have a jajah account myself. If you live in United states and have a jajah account, let me know, and let's get talking.



Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:55 PM


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