11 May 2007


Such a brilliant song by Raja (who else ?) has been mauled by pathetic picturisation.

"Pudhu raagam padaipadhalae naanum iraivanae". Need we say anything more ? IMHO, he deserves to say that line over and over again a million times.

On a more interesting note, does anyone have any ideas for making a video out of this song that fits in well with the quality of the song ?

By any standards, however high you keep, the music for the movie Nizhalgal was a landmark. All the songs were, to put it simply, plain masterpieces. 30 years later and you still feel the freshness in those songs. In case you are still skeptical, check out the violin preludes and the violin bits in this song !


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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:03 AM


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