09 July 2007

Review - Die Hard 4.0

Excuse me, Mr.Bruce Wills. You had made an interesting character called John McLane. One of the most interesting points in that character being a larger-than-life hero, was the villains that he battled. A sneering German, a smooth talking German e.t.c., e.t.c..

Can you please tell me where they are in your latest installment that you have dished out ? I mean, the jokes are plenty, the action, thankfully, looks real (what was that flyover sequence ? Looked pretty lame), but where is the story and where are those menacing villains, who are absolutely necessary, to elevate the stories of good vs bad to really effective levels ? While you have managed to maintain continuity by making sure that your daughter is now in the thick of things, you seem to be pretty jaded yourself. Some more enthusiasm in paying your role would have helped. I seem to think that Justin Long has actually manged to play his part pretty decently, given his, "Hi I'm a Mac" sentences that we were used to !

In the absence of the all important aspect, viz, villain and an effective story line and screenplay, sorry Mr.John, you are indeed a Timex watch in the digital age.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:07 PM


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