13 December 2007

Who else ?

It was around 2005 when Radiocity, the FM station in Bangalore, switched completely to Hindi songs. During one of my trips to IISc by the Bangalore buses, I heard this song "Saathiya Tune Kya kiya". At the first listening the song sounded quite catchy, which was a rarity for a Hindi song. What was more puzzling to me was the instrument arrangement, which was quite close to what the "King" Illayaraja himself would do, including the violins, and most importantly the flute interlude. Anyway, check out the song here.

And then, true to my instincts, it turns out to be a Telugu song, tuned by, who else but Illayaraja of course. Check out the song(dubbed into Tamil) here:

Needless to say, the song picturization in Hindi is downright hilarious, especially towards the end, when the lead pair strum an acoustic guitar, but the audio has a soft bass guitar ;-)



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