04 December 2007


Now, everyone knows that flying within, into and out of the Unites States is a nightmare. You cannot carry that, you cannot carry this, you have to remove your shoes, belt before the screening point, and all that jazz. Basically, the TSA makes sure that you are almost stripped butt naked ;-)

Having flown into and out of the United States on an almost monthly basis for the past year or so, I found something that is quite puzzling.

You are not allowed to carry water bottles, if you purchased it prior to the security screening point. However, you are allowed to carry it if you purchase it _after_ the security screening point. If the purpose of the whole exercise is to prevent inflammable liquids and such, how did they allow the shops, which are situated after the security screening point, to stock water bottles ? If they did some kind of check on those water bottles before allowing the shops to stock it, why cannot they do the same check on those passengers who carry the water bottles ?

I mean, the security check for those shop attendants cannot be any different from the travelers right ? If they are, well, I guess I just pressed the panic button for quite a few people ;-)

Puzzling indeed. And to think of there are a lot of people protesting against these kinds of stupid acts. Read here and here. There have also been reports that investigators have been able to take in explosives, undetected, across the so called secure scanners.


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