18 January 2008


And so now that I have moved back to Motherland Madras, I decided to get myself a BSNL connection for my mobile. Yeah, among all the operators that I assessed, even though BSNL has a slightly bad network, their rates and coverage are second to none. So, I duly applied for a pre-paid connection since that seemed the easiest to get.

Since my number was not activated even after two days, I decided to call customer care, who duly informed me that they have received an application for grant of a mobile number, but in a different name.

I then went to the shop where I bought the number and the shopkeeper laughs his ass out. I see that my application is there in the shop and they have not yet forwarded it to BSNL.

Case of number re-use ? Or the monolithic gargantuan PSU acting crazy ? I will know in another few hours !



Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:59 AM


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