21 July 2008

For a Change

Since the clutch wire of my Enfield gave away, I had to use my Father's Kinetic Honda to get to the store to buy one. That is precisely when I realized the difference in driving an Enfield versus any other two wheeler.

For starters, whenever I gently press my horn on my Enfield, I have always seen vehicles (two wheelers and auto's) give me way. When I honked the Kinetic Honda, no one seemed to care ! Secondly, every minute I was driving it, there was always this inner fear that the vehicle will topple over any minute and bring me down along with it. I guess I had got accustomed to the weight of the vehicle to judge my movements, and with the weight of a Kinetic being half of Enfiled, I did have a tough time. Thirdly, whenever I had to stop, I could not place my feet directly below. I had to place them at-least a foot forward, quite close to the front wheel. Since I had got used to keeping my knees straight when I stop the bike, I could not adjust to stopping the vehicle when my knees were bent. I guess the Kinetic was made for people around 5.5 feet in height and if you are anywhere more than that, it does pose a significant problem. And the final problem was when I had driven around 40 or so km. I could feel every muscle along my hands and back screaming me to stop. They had gotten numb !

Conclusion: I think my body has got too accustomed to driving an Enfield !


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:22 AM


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