09 March 2009

Yaavarum Nalam - Review

I am not making an out and out review of the movie here for I guess it would be better if you go over to the nearest theater and watch this movie in Big screen.

Yaavarum Nalam, also made as 13-b in hindi, is a simple movie and in fact, a no frills movie. However, its strengths are a pretty tight screenplay and some good story telling methods.

The story is simple. A family moves into a new flat and the son notices some strange happenings in the flat. These happenings are told in a fairly interesting and engaging fashion. It does induce a scare or two too !

While this movie does have shades of the movie "Ring", it does not in anyway life scenes or does anything silly.

I just have one gripe with the movie. Why is it that the family is not able to co-relate the happenings on the television with whatever that is happening in their house ? How is that a family that discusses whatever happens on television with their friends, does not discuss this program ?

Special mention must be made for the background score that does manage to induce a scare or two.

I must mention the quality of the audience here. Ramgopal Varma made the hindi movie "Bhoot" a few years ago. There were some scenes in that movie that were definitely frightening. However, the audience were laughing to conceal the scares that they got. No such silly antics were made during this movie, which goes to show the difference in the audience for Hindi and Tamil movies.


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