29 August 2009


In the flight to Atlanta from Frankfurt, I was rather blessed with some nice company in form of a gentleman in my next seat. Much hilarity and dry throat ensued over the 10 hours as we kept on talking about one issue and another. It would suffice to say that I felt like I was back in REC hostel, talking away till the wee hours of morning, without any real significance. Over the next few days, I shall try to post up on some of the observations that we made.

Perceptions are funny. We tend to make them because it is impossible to analyze the entire sample space. A perfect example is ice-cream. There is Ben-Jerry's, blue bell and what not. In fact there could be more. But the one ice cream that rules them all is Hagen Daaz. If you have not tasted it and yet you claim that Ben&Jerry's is good, I promise to buy you a big tub of Hagen Daaz. I am sure you will never ever claim that Ben&Jerry's or any other two bit ice-cream is worth its sugar.

So, all you American's honking about Ben&Jerry's or Blue bell, please taste Hagen Daaz.


PS: This was the first of the points that came up in my conversation with that gentleman. I know he will be reading this blog, but hey, what the blazes.

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