20 May 2009

LTTE Prabakharan

Now that Prabakharan is dead, a vast majority of politicians in TamilNadu are left without a poll plank and a election meeting rhetoric.

While I am maintaining a neutral stand on the whole issue, in my opinion, LTTE lost whatever international support and political backing they could get with the assassination of their targets outside the Sri Lankan soil. The first was the murder of ERPLF leader Padmanabha in Madras and the second, of Rajiv Gandhi, once again near Madras.

Fighting for your cause using terror or peace is one thing, assassinating your opponents outside your soil is another thing. These two do not mix. This is amply evident from the last few days of the war between Sri Lankan army and LTTE. I did not see any international committee or country trying to step in and stop the fighting. While many might argue that the LTTE was betrayed by India, that kind of an argument fails to pass muster.

The Tamil minority population in Sri Lanka may have suffered at the hands of the Sinhalese majority. However, it is indeed pitiful that they became a collateral in the war between LTTE and the Sri Lankan army, with either sides playing a blame game.

If history taught us anything, it did teach us that as long as you choose a sword to fight for your cause, that cause never gets fulfilled. However, there are two shining examples of what can be achieved when you choose the opposite path for your cause, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

There is a Samurai saying I remember reading somewhere: "History of any war is written after the battle has been fought", meaning, any history of a war is the account of the man who stands living after the war.

Go here to know more about Black July and the real history behind the war. A more neutral account is up here.


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