08 April 2009

Shoe Thrown on P.Chidambaram

The way I see it, the show throwing incident on P.Chidambaram is just a harbinger of things even more violent. For too long have the politicians tested the patience of people.

Secondly, a casual look at the list of people participating as independents tells us that it keeps growing with more influential people in the fray. This indicates the growing sense of anger amongst people.

I think India is finally waking up. A few more years from now, vote bank politics would cease as more people get access to education.


PS: I think this journalist has done what most auditors in the country wanted to do. In fact, speak to any auditor and they would tell you that P.Chidambaram is the country's worst finance minister.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:15 AM


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