08 April 2009

10 Years of Matrix Movie - The Matrix Reloaded explained

This is the second part of three part series that aims to explain the all time classic movie - Matrix.

Standard disclaimer is that I did not write this series and I received this from a friend of mine quite sometime ago.


The Matrix Reloaded

In part two of the story the machines have found Zion and are seeking it out for destruction. The human threat has grown too large and the cycle must end so that it may begin again. The Architect (whose been watching Neo on his TV screens from day one) knows that the Oracle is guiding Neo to the source and that the prime program will be temporarily re-inserted again to reload the matrix for a sixth time. What they don't know is that the Oracle has a plan for Neo to choose differently. When the Oracle meets with Neo again she offers him candy. Perhaps another upgrade to his program. She also knows that Trinity will end up in danger and Neo will choose her over Reloading the Matrix. She's also aware that Neo's interaction with the Architect will upgrade his implants and his program enabling him to stop those sentinels at the film's conclusion and temporarily touch the power of the source. He's not ready yet and for the meantime will discover that he's gained the ability to separate his mind from his body and jack himself in on his own.

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