06 September 2009

Healthcare in America

Dear brothers and sisters of America,
Amidst all this discussions about fixing health care system in America, all that you need to think is this; how is it that I can fly to Cuba, India, or even Europe, get myself cured, and fly once again for a follow-up and yet, have enough money in my bank, when compared to getting myself cured here in my home country ?

Further more, if I need to go to a doctor, why do I need to go through a middle man; the insurance company ? When there is a urge to eliminate the middle men in all spheres, why should health care -- the most important of them all, have middle men ?

Think about it.


PS: Acknowledgments for the title to Swami Vivekanada.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:13 PM


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