16 January 2010

Devi Theater Complex -- Chennai

A few years ago, Devi Theater complex was the "in place" in Chennai.

Then they fell into a rut. The complex became more of a seedy joint, with all kinds of movies and such.

A year or so ago, they woke up to the fact that Sathyam Cinemas had re=invented themselves and were now a major force to reckon with, in Chennai.

Re-modeling efforts followed and today, they are a name to reckon with.

However, all said and done, they are still nowhere close to providing the same experience that Sathyam Cinemas does.

Firstly, the seats are rather badly positioned. You can see the head of person in the row in front of you, jutting into the movie.

Secondly, the snacks are way too expensive. Sathyam Cinemas provides a litre of coke for 65 Rs. Devi Cinemas provides you 650ml of pepsi (kids drink, more like horse's piss) for 65 Rs.

It is still hard to match the experience that Sathyam Cinemas provide for a movie goer.

The least they can do is to reduce the price of the movie tickets.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:23 AM


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