17 November 2004

understanding that 1cubic feet

i think among all the most difficult things to do understanding the mind of a female is the most difficult one !
i find it hard to imagine that rajini's daughter would consent to marry that danush fellow.however my reliable sources tell me that daughter herself is no great shakes.still i am not convinced.anyway if they are happy then there is nothing that i am bothered about !
things are finally moving on the research front ! hope they get sorted out fast !
my daily commuting to office takes me across a nice road called inner ring road in kormanagala.it is a good road with three lanes.in general if lane system is used then it means that each lane should have vehicles of different speed ! however i find here people just cutting across lane as if its their own road.the lane system is enforced for one's own safety ! hope ppl remember that when they drive their vehicles !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:26 AM


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