05 January 2005

im now refreshing my two wheeler riding skills.plan to buy one shortly.nothing special except that commuting to college and office by lifts and buses is taking too much of my time.not that i have too many things to do but that time could be put to better use i guess .as of now i have shortlisted honda unicorn.if you are sure that i must change my choice let me know with valid reasons as to why ! { i chose this after about a 6 month survey :-)}. so thanks to my ex-colleague vichu for helping me out in refreshing my driving skills.ya i know driving in this hell hole called bangalore can be quite risky and un-nerving but then there are a few things that are in my favour:
1. i guess i have crossed the age of ettu-pottufying { read doing figure eight's.if you are tam you will understand that :-) }
2. In general even if i drive a kinetic honda you can hardly see me crossing 30kmph.
so i guess i shall survive.

and this is a poem i got in the mail for the new year :


Little joys unbound
Leave us spellbound
Little mirth of life
Puts away our strife

Little grace in steps
Puts our life into peps
Little time for others
Never dies or withers

Little thoughts shared
Are mighty acts dared
Little unknown action
Gives real satisfaction

Little gestures of love
Is what matters all above
Little wishes that are warm
Adds to our life a charm.

So my dear friend, ur little wishes worked
It spelled magic on my heart and lurked
Sometimes u say the best when u say nothing
And yet say a lot when you write just one thing
Like a simple way u used to say a hello
just soothed and raised things above mellow
Next time u feel like ur heart and soul wincing
Get down to ur sense flowing and start writing
You will never know whose life u r making
U will never know tht small smile escaping
Let words springforth from our hearts world
Like the beauty of the entire universe unfold

what amazes me is the choice of the words.i mean i read a lot of poems these days where the words dont rhyme.its more of a spoken words arranged together.but this one rhymes perfectly and yet makes a lot of sense !

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