06 April 2005

this & that

Blogger was out yesterday and did not allow me to post anything ! Heh it's not that i had some international issues to post about.That is not the point too.
The point is that for the past few days i am finding myself in a very introspection mood.I dunno why and i dunno how.Have i been bitten by some bug which im trying to squash as part of my daily work ? Or have i been smitten ? I think only time can tell.
As the Oracle said to Neo in that classic called matrix "For whatever Neo you made a believer out of me !".Ok so wat did i start beliving in ? Dunno.Just that the words flashed into my mind !
And yet the familiar voice barks in the deepest recess of my mind : Get back to your books.There is lots remaining to be done and so little time left, before you sit back and analyze whether u were smitten or bitten.
Indeed so.But the thought still remains !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:51 PM


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