24 March 2005

drying up

I think my ability to hammer out words for my blog has dried up like the lakes that dry up during summer.
Must be that im suffering from that writer's mental block.
Try as much as i can im unable to get something to ramble upon.oh ya there might be too many things but nothing seems to strike me at present.
The wiser ppl would say why dont u write about ur experiences on your words drying up ?
The long weekend is coming up.Got to catch up on some reading up front.For too long have i been postponing it, that things are now coming up to a real precipitated situation.
So happy weekend folks.I think the remedy is to stay away from blog ? Uh no.Im kind of addicted to it.Ok im hopeless.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:57 AM


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