15 March 2005


I saw the movie maayaavi last night.My BIL was here in town and off we went ! So here are some observations about the movie:
Surya is in a totally different make up looking more like a simpleton.As he himself says he does not know "ABCD" but knows 5 different languages ! Now how is that possible ? It will be if you are a tourist guide.Surya is a tourist guide in mahabalipuram.By chance he enters Actress Jyothika { Jyothika playing herself and for more torture she dubs her own voice !! } to steal something gets caught by the police.By force of circumstance he is jailed and to take revenge he kidnaps her ! What happens next forms the story.
The pretty intresting aspect of the movie is that it takes a dig at many a happenings in today's tinsel world.Perhaps that is what makes this movie intresting and totally offbeat.Well done guys.Though the second half could have been trimmed a bit it still is pretty much ok.
Watch out for some really well conceieved comical situations like when the police inspector gets a call to tell him that someone has seen jyothika running !!
The songs are pretty so-so.The intro song of surya is pretty ok and there is a song that is brilliantly conceived and picturized which has pushpavanam kuppuswamy, the noted tamil folk artisan lending his voice.The camera angles in that song is quite good.Watch out for the shot that silloutes the setting sun !
overall a movie where you go have a few laughs and come out of it.not a bad effort i must say.
If you have not listened to the song called "The Man who sold the world" from nirvana do so.Some stunning guitar work on it

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