04 March 2005

Haunting Melodies

I have always belived that first time music composers have it in them to give some haunting melodies.I am not sure about "God" Illayaraja though.He burst into the music scene when i was just born.Co-incidence ? A genius was recognized and in a far away remote corner of tanjore a genius { Yours truly } was born ? Well only time will tell :-).
This is not about that though.I was kind of listening to that song from kadhal "Unakena irupen". The singer has indeed done a splendid job though.And the quality of verses is indeed amazing.
Just shifting back in thought gave me some intresting co-incidences.
Rahman gave that bunch of wonderful and refreshing new sounds with his first movie Roja Especially that starting notes of that song "Chinna Chinna aasai". Harris jayaraj { IMHO an electronic version of S.A.RajKumar } gave that beautiful song "Venmathi Venmathi" in the movie Minnalae and now Joshua Sridhar has given this song.The point to note here is that these are all the first movies of the directors !
And not to forget T.Rajender that jack-of-all-trades had given some wonderful songs in pure kalyani raagam in his very first movie too :-)
Nothing soothes me like listening to some soft tugging at the heart songs :-)
Oh ya another weekend is here.I am thinking of getting involved in some technical cultural events @ college.Tech quiz, Math problem solving types ! Let me see what best can be done.

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