21 February 2005

madras marathon!

ok folks i ran the madras marathon.

firstly here are some snaps
1. me and my brother.courtesy Kribs

2. My number for the marathon.

3. The chip that was supposed to track the distance covered by each runner.

Ok so here are some of the observations from the marathon

1. It is pretty hot in madras during this time of the year.So make sure you have some eatables with you ! I was pretty sogged out by 15km that i was forced to stop, walk to a nearest store and buy some juice to drink up.My brother got a good head start of aruond 1.5km by that time.
2. There was an american and another guy giving me company for around 7kms.Thanks to them i managed to run that distance.At around 27kms i saw my brother walking back on his way determined to finish the 41kms atleast by walking."There's no one at the 30km point" is what he told me.Absolutely drained of any more motivation { not stamina folks, my co runners were running it quite beautifully and in fact they were determined to finish it in 6 hours! } i walked back the remaining distance along with him which was around 7km.
3. The organizers closed the race at around 3.25 hrs.It so bad guys.come on you should give guys like me a chance.The main reason was that the race was being held on one of the most important roads of madras.And that being a metro city there is no difference between traffic on a sunday and traffic on any other weekday.Hence the police had given permission to the organizers to close the roads only for around 3.5hrs.I hope the organizers choose some other route which will remain open for atleast 5 hours.
4. The participants were given a chip which was to be placed inside their shoes.This was supposed to be used to track the distance covered.While it is a commendable aspect that they were using such technological features, there were some organizational hiccups which i hope will be solved in the near future.Not all people had their chips ! and hence the whole thing turned out to be a farce.So guys make sure that the next time around the chips arrive properly
5. The refreshments counter were not adequately stocked.They had just juice.Please try to give some buiscuits and some glucose too ! It helps.
6. And finally if you want to run the madras marathon make sure you train in madras to get used to the heat.I trained here in bangalore.Though bangalore is hot now-a-days, the percentage of the hot days is not as much as in madras.Hence your body will definitely not be able to cope up with the heat !

Im now all set for trying out the bangalore marathon.

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  1. Blogger ammani posted at Monday, February 21, 2005 at 1:04:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    Congratulations! I ran a marathon last year but I doubt I could've done what you guys did under heat. Kudos!
    p.s. look me up for my experience from the marathon. you may have to scroll down.
  2. Blogger K.Shyam posted at Monday, February 21, 2005 at 3:48:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    thanks ! i did read up your experiences with the marathon !

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